WNSD on August 1st



Welt-Nackt-Segeltag: 1. August, 1. April? – Warum heute hüllenlos gesegelt werden soll

„Es geht um Natürlichkeit“ Wir möchten mit dem Nackt-Segeltag das Bewusstsein für die Wichtigkeit von sauberer Luft und Wasser steigern.”



World Naked Sailing Day!


It’s WORLD NAKED SAILING DAY! Honey Badger Don’t Care!  You can sail nude, nekkid, clothed, whatever… as long as you’re SAILING!  Just always, always make sure you wear SUNSCREEN.  You don’t want to burn the parts that they sun usually don’t shine upon.  

For a little backstory, (ahem) World Naked Sailing Day started last year on August 1st in Buffalo. 

I have a buddy from Buffalo (yes, you Sam!) who said they do this because August is the time of the year when it finally warms up enough to be able to go bare.  OK! To each their own.  Just be careful when pulling lines and grinding the wenches.  😛

Further info on Scuttlebutt (link).

If you do find yourself out celebrating Naked Sailing Day – be sure to tag HBYC on instagram @HoneyBadgerYachtClub!  Enjoy!


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